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Address: MyHappyHat, P. O. Box 2783, Hendersonville, TN 37077  Phone: 615-325-8735 or 615-838-4072

Welcome to our site. Ladies hats have always been “In". MYHAPPYHATS Are
Not Just In... They’re IN-CREDIBLE!
NO More “Bad Hair” Days! Pull On A MYHAPPYHAT And You’re Off To Work, a Party, Supermarket, Or Church! A one-size fits-all MYHAPPYHATS is perfect for any lady… From Teenyboppers to Granny’s!

  • Hats that make you feel “Lah-Dee-Dah”!
  • Hats that are more than the usual humdrum colors!
  • Hats that help you get thru your day better Because you feel “on top” of it!
  • Hats that give you an excuse to hit the mall and shop for a whole new outfit to go with that new MYHAPPYHATS”!

"Delightfully Stitched
by Southern Chicks."
  • Testimonial from Chele: "I love any kind of “head-gear”… caps, scarves, hats, etc….and especially with "bling". When I saw the “MyHappyHat”, I fell in love!! “I’ve finally found my favorite hat!”, I said . They’re cool, hip, original (that’s the best part...wearing something no one else has!) and what a variety!! The days I wear a “MyHappyHat” are the days I say “Oh Happy Day!!”

  • Testimonial from Jody: "I have had so many compliments on my MyHappyHat! After I watched the video of Michele on the website,
    I had to agree with her; these hats are "BomDiggedy". I'll be buying more MyHappyHats this year, you can bet on it!"

  • Becky’s Testimonial…. "I've never been one to wear many hats - just a ball cap sometimes to keep the rain from spoiling my hairdo. But when I tried on the first MyHappyHat, I was sold. These hats are unique, sophisticated, yet fun and go with ANY hairstyle. Because they're hand-stitched, they're made with quality, individuality and even love. I LOVE MyHappyHat because I can keep the rain off my hairdo now without compromising style and femininity. MyHappyHat knocks my plain ball cap out of the park!"
  • MYHAPPYHATS are Designer Originals. We only make a select number of each print/material. When those are gone, just choose from another Designer Original. Shop often at our MYHAPPYHAT'S “Hat Rack” and... Create Your Own Personal Hat Wardrobe!
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  Address: MyHappyHat, P. O. Box 2783, Hendersonville, TN 37077    -     Phone: 615-325-8735 or 615-838-4072   
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